Pooches Paddock – Terms and Conditions

  • Users hire the field at their own risk. The field contains natural hazards such as nettles, brambles, acorns, mushrooms, uneven or slippery ground, areas of water, etc.
  • We accept no liability for loss, injury or damages whilst on these premises.
  • If you are using the field outside of daylight hours please ensure you bring adequate lighting to enable you to watch and pick up after your dog.
  • Whilst we check the condition of the fencing on a regular basis we cannot guarantee that it is 100% secure at all times. If you see any damage or holes to the fence please report it to us immediately and we will rectify it.
  • Do not allow your dog(s) to dig in the field.
  • Smoking is permitted, but DO NOT under any circumstances leave any cigarette butts in the field.

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